Beagleboard / Arduino hybrid robot

It's time to build a robot!

I plan to make a robot using a Beagleboard for high-level functions:

  • image processing
  • artificial intelligence
  • speech synthesis
  • voice recognition
  • internet connectivity

And an Arduino for low-level functions:

  • motor / servo control
  • sensor input & output
  • battery monitoring

The Beagleboard provides a lot of processing power in a small, energy-efficient package, while the Arduino is designed for physical computing, with easy connection of sensors and peripherals. The Arduino and Beagleboard can be connected using USB.

I'm going to start with a basic tank treads base for movement, and if successful move to a more complicated humanoid or dog design. Other senses for the robot will be provided by:

  • Sony Playstation Eye webcam for vision and hearing (microphone array) - this will be attached to servos for pan / tilt movement
  • Sharp IR distance sensor for ranging
  • USB wifi dongle for internet connection

Full details can be found in the robots section.

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